Environmental Impact Assessment

During our PADI Mermaid Programs, we focus on conservation by protecting the environment and ensureing that our mermaids are properly trained to avoid damaging any marine life in the ocean and to take care of the swimming pool and its surroundings. Each small step we take every day can help the big blue planet.


For more than 30 years, PADI and PADI AWARE have built a truly unique voice for the protection of the underwater world that commits to actions that combat climate change, help create marine protected areas and protect vulnerable species. To know more about PADI AWARE, their blueprint for ocean action and what you can do to be part of movement do Take Action.

Beach Clean-Ups

Our Beach Clean Up movement is to ensure our beaches are kept clean and tidy. We arrange monthly activities to clean our beaches in and around Kota Kinabalu. We strive to ensure that we do our part for the planet and help to protect and clean it.

Dive Against Debris

The Dive Against Debris program was started in 2011. Since then, millions of pieces of marine debris have been removed and reported from the oceans by ocean enthusiasts. This is a course specifically designed for mermaids to learn about how to protect and safely remove debris in the ocean.