Mermaid Club Gatherings

Mermaid Club Gatherings

Mermaid Club Gatherings

We offer Mermaid Club Gatherings all round Malaysia which is for our Mermaid club members to catch up over refreshments discussing everything about mermaid. Our gatherings vary completely, from BBQ’s to conferences conducted by the PADI organisation and they are free for any mermaid to join in.

What happens at Mermaid Gatherings

Anything really, in the past we have had coffee sessions discussing on mermaid techniques, in-water rescue practices, mermaid tail fitting, international mermaids joining for talks, we have had mermaid BBQs to invite family and friends, current mermaid club members bring their friends to find out more our PADI mermaid programs and we get the PADI organisation to also come and provide updates on the PADI programs.

Why should I join a Mermaid Gathering

Our Mermaid club is fun, outgoing group of people and we encourage everyone to meet new people, go places and try new things. Every mermaid gathering always discusses mermaiding and your fellow mermaids always provides tips, advice and has the same thing in common as you – we love being mermaids!

How do I find out about the next Mermaid Gathering

As a member of the Malaysia Mermaid Club you will be informed of our Mermaid Gatherings on social media chat platforms.

Does this cost anything to join

We do not charge a fee to join an outing, however we go by the BYO – bring your own philosophy or pay for your food/drinks.