For more than 30 years, PADI and PADI AWARE have built a truly unique voice for the protection of the underwater world. PADI AWARE have set ambitious ocean conservation targets through a shared Blueprint for Ocean Action that commits to actions that combat climate change, help create marine protected areas and protect vulnerable species.

Blueprint for Ocean Action

PADI’s Blueprint for Ocean Action is designed to help achieve balance between humanity and ocean but it needs your influence and leadership to succeed. Together, we can achieve critical conservation goals including:

  • Reduce marine debris by 50% in targeted countries through strategic partnerships and the PADI AWARE Community Grant Program.
  • Protect 30% of the ocean through expansion of the Adopt the Blue program and increasing the number of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).
  • Protect vulnerable sharks and rays by deploying in-country conservation campaigns.
  • Restore 5% of coral reef habitats through citizen science programs and project funding for key coral reef habitats.
  • Reduce and offset the carbon footprint of the diving industry achieving carbon neutrality across the PADI organization’s supply chain and mobilizing PADI Torchbearers to restore, protect and fund seagrass and other habitats.

Be A Steward for the Ocean

You can play an important role by preserving the health of the ocean planet. You can be a voice for fragile marine life and inspire your friends and family members to do the same. Here is a list of courses you could take to understand more about ocean conservation.

Take Action

What can you do to help save the ocean?

Step One: Adopt the Blue. Download the app, adopt a dive site you go to regularly and then every time you dive it, record any trash you collected

Step Two: Donate to PADI AWARE. When you become certified donate some money towards PADI AWARE to help with the Ocean Blueprint.

Step Three: Join Conservation Activities near you. Contact your PADI Mermaid Instructor to find out about events and activities near you for you to join.

Step Four: Join the Movement at