Mermaid Practice Session

Mermaid Practice Session


Mermaid Practice Session


The Malaysia Mermaid Club arranges Mermaid practice sessions in the local swimming pool which are for our Mermaid members that have already been certified and are part of our mermaid club. We have weekly gatherings where we practice our mermaid skills and techniques, try the new mermaid equipment, learn about the latest updates from PADI, new skills, practice our rescue skills and just have lots of fun.

How to find out details about our weekly practice sessions


Once you have completed your PADI Mermaid Course with one of our PADI Mermaid Instructors you will automatically become part of our online group via social media chat applications. You will receive updates on here which provide you with more information on the weekly practice sessions.


What are the locations for the practice sessions


As we have mermaid instructors all over Malaysia the team has different practice sessions happening with different mermaid instructors. Our key places for practice sessions currently are Kota Kinabalu, Tawau, Semporna, and Kuala Lumpur.


What happens at a mermaid practice session


The mermaid instructor team decides on a time and venue and our mermaid club members meet up. The meet-up will generally always consist of an in-water practice with the mermaid instructors providing instructions on improving your skills and techniques.

Keep Active

We highly recommend that once you are trained as a Mermaid to keep practicing as much as you can. Take the opportunity to join our mermaid sessions which are free of charge for our members. The Malaysia Mermaid Club Instructor team will also provide tips and hints on how to improve your mermaid skills. 


Member Price


Member | MYR 0.00 ~ Exception: The swimming Pool Entrance Fee must be paid by the member.

Non-Member Price

Non-Member | MYR 150 for 90mins ~ Includes Swimming Pool Entrance Fee. Mermaid Equipment excluded.

Requirements to take part


You must have been trained by our PADI Mermaid Instructor team and have a PADI mermaid license to take part, otherwise as a non-member please do contact the Malaysia Mermaid Club on how to join one of our practice sessions.


Not yet a member


Sign up for one of our PADI Mermaid program to get free practice sessions.