Malaysia Mermaid Club FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Malaysia Mermaid Club FAQ’s

What is the Malaysia Mermaid Club?

The Malaysia Mermaid Club is about bringing more mermaids together teaching the art of underwater mermaiding with a team of PADI Mermaid Instructors all around Malaysia focusing on training, safety and conservation. We are the first Mermaid Club in Kota Kinabalu.

Why should I choose the Malaysia Mermaid Club?

The Malaysia Mermaid Club is the first Mermaid Centre in Kota Kinabalu and we follow the standards set forth by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADI Mermaid programs are the highest mermaid standards in the world and PADI mermaid instructors are trained for all environments be it in the swimming pool or in the ocean and are trained professionally in rescue emergencies. There are no short-cuts in learning how to be a Mermaid with us and we teach passionately whilst caring for the environment with a little humour built in too. There are plenty of our reasons why you should choose us for when you learn to become a mermaid so if you don’t see your answer below do contact us.

What mermaid courses are available?

We offer a full range of PADI Mermaid programs which includes the PADI Discover Mermaid, PADI Basic Mermaid, PADI Mermaid, PADI Advanced Mermaid and the PADI Basic Mermaid Instructor.

Are you based in Kota Kinabalu?

The founding mermaid is based in Kota Kinabalu and Angelia the Mermaid offers PADI programs in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. However we can help you arrange a PADI mermaid course anywhere in Malaysia.

What other places in Malaysia can you arrange PADI Mermaid Programs?

We offer the mermaid courses in most major cities and Islands. The cities we offer our programs in West Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang, Johor, Penang, Langkawi, Kuantan, and Melaka. In Sabah we offer in Kota Kinabalu, Tawau and Semporna and in Sarawak we offer in Miri and Kuching. The islands we cover are Langkawi, Perhentian, Redang, Tenggol, Tioman, Sapi, Mamutik, Manukan, Mantanani, Pom Pom, Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Mabul and Mataking.

How do you join the Malaysia Mermaid Club?

You can take any program listed on or its group of clubs with a Malaysia Mermaid Club Professional to become a member.

Does it cost anything to join the Malaysia Mermaid Club?

As of January 2023, there are no costs to join as a member or to keep your membership active. The only cost is taking a PADI Mermaid Course with one of the Malaysia Mermaid Club Professional Members.

How do you become a Malaysia Mermaid Club Professional member?

We are always happy and invite new members join the club. You need to contact Angelia the Mermaid to join the professional team.

What are the benefits of being a member?

There are several benefits of being a member. The first benefit is you get the latest program updates on any recent standard changes and get introduced to new skills and programs within the PADI mermaid system. We introduce you to meet new mermaids, offer mermaid travel, mermaid shop benefits, and offer referral commission for introducing new mermaids to become members.

PADI Mermaid FAQs

When we sign up for a PADI Mermaid course is there student materials available?

Yes, there is. When you sign up and make payment, your PADI Mermaid Instructor will provide you the student materials. The materials are sent directly from and you will get an email prompting you to create an account, so you have full access to your eLearning program.

What are the mermaid courses available, minimum ages and the depth limits?

Discover Mermaid. 6 years. In confined water which is shallow enough in which to stand.

Basic Mermaid. 6 years old. Maximum of 3 metres in confined water.

Mermaid. 10 years old. Maximum of 5 metres in confined water.

Advanced Mermaid. 12 years old. 10 metres in open water.

Basic Mermaid Instructor. 18 years old. 5 metres in confined water.

What is the PADI Discover Mermaid experience?

The PADI Discover Mermaid experience is for anyone who wishes to try mermaiding before committing to a course. This program is conducted in a swimming pool in water shallow enough so that you stand.

Must you take the PADI Basic Mermaid course before the PADI Mermaid course?

Yes. The PADI Basic Mermaid course is a prerequisite to enroll in the PADI Mermaid course. However, you can take both the PADI Basic Mermaid course and Mermaid course combined, with only the Mermaid certification issued.

Is the PADI Mermaid course a prerequisite for the PADI Advanced Mermaid course?

Yes. Before you learn mermaiding in open water (in the sea) you must first take the PADI Mermaid course in a swimming pool learning the steps and safety skills before proceeding to open water. You may complete the PADI Mermaid and PADI Advanced Mermaid as a combined course and you will receive two certifications.

What is the required student equipment for the PADI Mermaid program?

For the PADI Basic Mermaid, PADI Mermaid courses and PADI Advanced Mermaid courses, use of the following equipment is required:
• Mask and snorkel
• Bifins
• Weight belt and weights in small increments (special mermaid weights)
• Monofin (mermaid tail)

What is the recommended student equipment for the PADI Mermaid program?

For the PADI Basic Mermaid, PADI Mermaid courses and PADI Advanced Mermaid courses, use of the following equipment is recommended:
• Mermaid outfit
• Appropriate exposure protection
• Nose clip

What administrative paperwork is required for students?

At the beginning of the PADI mermaid course as listed in our course schedules, you must review, complete and sign:
• A liability release/assumption of risk/non-agency acknowledgement for the PADI Basic Mermaid, Mermaid and Advanced Mermaid courses
• Diver Medical form
• Safe Mermaiding Practices Statement of Understanding

Have we not answered your questions, or you do not see your questions listed above? We are happy to answer any your mermaid questions for you. Feel free to reach us on WhatsApp or can send us an email so that we can answer any questions you may have. We do our best to reply everyone within one working day. If were a little slow, we do apologise, hang in there as we are most likely busy mermaiding and will revert to you as soon as we can.