Angelia’s Mermaid Adventures April 2023

Angelia the Mermaid with my new mermaid monofin

Angelia’s Mermaid Adventures

Angelia’s Mermaid Adventures in April 2023 has started to kick off with lots of students. I have widened my network of students where my current students are spreading the word about my training and I am getting more students, I even travelled to Kuching, Sarawak to start teaching Mermaids for PADI 5 Star Dive Centre, Premier Marine. I have also joined a scuba diving club called Deus Diving Club in Kota Kinabalu who are using me as their PADI mermaid instructor to teach any of their members. I have also coordinated and performed in Aquaspace for another mermaid performance and been teaching PADI Mermaids in Open Water, but my biggest achievement in April was I become an authorised PADI Mermaid Centre.

Kuching, Sarawak PADI Mermaid Program

PADI Mermaid in Kuching, Sarawak

I travelled to Kuching, Sarawak to meet up with Ernest Teo, who is the store owner of PADI 5 Star Dive Centre, Premier Marine and I was able to teach the first PADI Mermaids in Sarawak. I felt so privileged to have this honour to teach the first PADI Mermaids in Sarawak. Over the course of a few days, I enjoyed not only what the city of Kuching has to offer (which was my first time to visit), but the best part was meeting new mermaids who are now part of the Malaysia Mermaid Club. I am looking forward to going back and training more PADI mermaids and having more PADI Mermaid Instructors in Sarawak.

Training PADI Advanced Mermaids

PADI Mermaids in Open Water in KK

With my PADI Mermaid students growing in Kota Kinabalu the need for bringing some of them into open water to further their training excited me as I was able to certify more PADI Mermaids for PADI Advanced Mermaid program. I thoroughly enjoy teaching the PADI Advanced Mermaid program in open water as its different from the swimming pool and as an instructor there needs more planning and training to ensure your students are ready to explore the hidden depths of the marine park in Kota Kinabalu.

Authorised PADI Mermaid Centre

Authorised PADI Mermaid Centre

I am so happy and feel privileged to have Malaysia Mermaid Club become an authorised PADI Mermaid Centre. What started off as a dream when I was a small child has completely changed my lifestyle and not only did I think this was going to be a one-time activity has turned me upside down. I am fully dedicated to growing the PADI Mermaid programs in Kota Kinabalu and Malaysia and with this I will be organising more Mermaid activities for PADI Mermaids.