Angelia’s Mermaid Adventures November 2023

Angelia the Mermaid at Mabul Island

Angelia’s Mermaid Adventures

Welcome, ocean enthusiasts, to a brand-new chapter of Angelia’s Underwater Adventures! As November unfolds its graceful embrace, join us in a journey beneath the waves, where every ripple tells a story, and the secrets of the deep are waiting to be discovered. In this month of November, we’re set to explore uncharted territories of the ocean’s mysteries.

Follow Angelia as she navigates through the unseen wonders, revealing the secrets that lie beneath the surface. From teaching Ms Scuba International participants to creating the Mermaid Dream Team in Kota Kinabalu.

Dive into the symphony of November’s underwater wonders with Angelia, where each adventure is a melody waiting to be heard. Join us in unraveling the secrets, capturing the beauty, and embracing the magic that the ocean graciously unfolds. The underwater stage is set, and the curtains are rising on a November symphony like never before!

Mermaid Dream Team

In the coastal haven of Kota Kinabalu, the Malaysia Mermaid Club is home to a dream team of mermaid instructors, each bringing their unique expertise to the underwater realm. Angelia, with her boundless passion for the ocean, Ally with her graceful maneuvers, Joanne with her keen eye for detail, and Ann with her infectious enthusiasm—this quartet forms an unstoppable force, sharing their love for mermaid magic with aspiring aquatic enthusiasts. Together, they create an inclusive space where mermaid dreams come true. From Angelia’s enchanting guidance to Ally’s fluidity, Joanne’s precision, and Ann’s contagious energy, this dream team transforms Kota Kinabalu’s shores into a vibrant playground for mermaid aficionados. Join them in the dance beneath the waves and let the Malaysia Mermaid Club dream team turn your underwater fantasies into a reality.

Teaching Ms Scuba International

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Malaysia Mermaid Club has taken the plunge into the world of pageantry by teaming up with Ms. Scuba International contestants to unveil a new dimension of aquatic elegance. Guided by the expertise of the mermaid instructors from the Malaysia Mermaid Club, these aspirants are not just learning to dive; they are transforming into enchanting underwater muses through the PADI Basic Mermaid course. From perfecting the graceful mermaid arch to mastering the art of tail flips, these contestants are discovering a whole new realm of beauty beneath the waves. The Malaysia Mermaid Club’s innovative approach and collaborating with Sipadan Mabul Water Bungalows to bring a new dimension to Ms Scuba International competition.

Ms Scuba Japan

Angelia, the visionary leader of the Malaysia Mermaid Club, has embarked on an extraordinary journey with the former winner, Ms. Scuba Japan. In a unique collaboration, Angelia is spearheading the transformation of these remarkable women into PADI Mermaids, blending the art of grace with the thrill of underwater exploration. With her unparalleled expertise and passion for the ocean, Angelia guides the aspiring mermaids through the intricate techniques of the PADI Mermaid course. Together, Angelia and Ms. Scuba Japan will be providing a platform for contestants from Japan to be certified as PADI Mermaids.