Angelia’s Mermaid Adventures October 2023

Angie in Cosplay in Kota Kinabalu

Angelia’s Mermaid Adventures

Unveiling the Magic of Mermaid Mastery! Dive into the enchanting depths of Angelia’s Underwater Adventures this October as we embark on a journey that’s nothing short of extraordinary. This month, we’re making waves in the underwater world, introducing a one-of-a-kind experience that’s sure to leave you breathless – both literally and figuratively!

Join us this October for a month of aquatic marvels, where passion meets expertise, and the underwater realm becomes your canvas for exploration. Dive deep, dream big, and let Angelia’s Underwater Adventures transport you to a world where mermaids reign supreme!

PADI Basic Mermaid Instructor Course in Kinabalu

The first ever PADI Basic Mermaid Instructor course was held in Kota Kinabalu

Hold your breath as Angelia takes the plunge into pioneering waters by hosting the first-ever PADI Basic Mermaid Instructor course right here in the mesmerizing setting of Kinabalu. Angelia was joined by Ally, Joanne and Ann to become PADI Basic Mermaid Instructors in Kota Kinabalu. Set over a period of week, containing classroom and swimming pool training, the three new instructors transformed their underwater passion into expertise, as Angelia guided them through the intricacies of becoming a certified mermaid instructor. Get ready to explore the secrets of the deep and unlock the magic of mermaid teaching like never before.

Special Guest: PADI Mermaid Instructor John from KL

The excitement doesn’t stop there! Straight from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, we’re thrilled to welcome PADI Mermaid Instructor John to our aquatic haven. John graced us with his expertise, conducting an exclusive mermaid workshop that promises to elevate your underwater skills to new heights. The Malaysia Mermaid Club members were treated to this experience free of charge to learn more about the underwater art of mermaiding.

Perfecting the Art: Angelia’s Underwater Mermaid Arch

Angelia, the maestro of underwater elegance, with continuous practice as a Mermaid is here showcasing the epitome of mermaid perfection – the flawless underwater Mermaid arch. Learn from the best as she demonstrates the art of grace and poise beneath the surface. From body positioning to the delicate flutter of the tail, Angelia will reveal the secrets to mastering the quintessential mermaid pose. Question, Is a Mermaid an underwater performer or a singer above water?